Enjoy an opportunity to be a part of the community-engaged Arlington Liber Academy that promotes family, virtue, education, leadership, and freedom!


Who we are

Arlington Liber Academy was founded in 2013 as a community of home schooling families choosing Leadership Education in the greater DFW area but has influences nationwide with their association with other like-minded education groups supporting agency-based education.


Building Liber Communities Across the World

To build liber communities of families endeavoring to

  • promote freedom,
  • continue in lifelong learning,
  • stand for truth,
  • fulfill personal missions and
  • impact the world for good.


Education for Freedom

To provide an educational environment that

  • promotes freedom and choice,
  • fosters a love of learning,
  • offers opportunities for positive peer interactions and friendships,
  • recognizes learning happens in phases,
  • individualizes education,
  • invites students to take responsibility and ownership for their education,
  • develops virtuous Statesmen and Leaders who
    • understand the nature and anatomy of freedom and
    • acquire knowledge, skills, abilities and vision to fulfill their unique missions.

Exposure Opportunities

  • Conference Events with Guest Speakers (including Authors, Educators, and other subject matter experts)
  • Academy Events (ie. Shakespeare Plays, Constitution Bowls)

Package Level

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4






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