New Commonwealth Schools

What is a New Commonwealth School?

A New Commonwealth School is a Community-Created school that provides weekly, supplemental classes with a liberal arts focus where students are mentored by their peers’ parents and have stewardship over what they learn through mentored projects (mentors are second witnesses to what the parents are teaching).  It is an agency-based educational environment where students are invited to own their education and choose to learn rather than feel forced or compelled to do so.

New Commonwealth Schools also create an environment in which families of like culture can study the classics and become great citizen-leaders by gaining a greater vision of their country and themselves. A commonwealth signifies “the common good or happiness; thus it is a form to secure the public good.[1]“   While usually associated with governments of countries, ‘commonwealth’ can be applied to many other aspects of society.  It takes the “co-op” group to the next level: to a community that self-governs, that exists beyond the creators whose children are now raised and gone, and can stand the test of time.

There are currently over 30 well established New Commonwealth Schools in the United States with more than 30 in different phases of the journey to becoming a New Commonwealth School.

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